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Dr. Enrique Roche Collado

Department: Instituto de Bioingeniería
Phone: + 34 96 522 2588
Email: eroche@umh.es
Current Position: Professor of Nutrition, Universidad Miguel Hernandez.
Research Fields:

  1. Sport Nutrition.
  2. Nutrition and physical activity in obesity and diabetes.
Representative Publications:
  • Martínez-Ramonde T, Alonso N, Cordido F, Cervelló E, Cañizares A, Martínez-Peinado P, Sempere JM, Roche E. Importance of exercise in the control of metabolic parameters at the moment of onset in type 1 diabetic subjects. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes (2014) 122: 334-340.
  • Arribas MI, Ropero AB, Reig JA, Fraga MF, Fernandez AF, Santana A, Roche E. Negative neuronal differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cell clones. Regenerative Medicine (2014) 9: 279-293.
  • Campillo N, Arribas MI, Vicente-Salar N, Catania A, Ramirez-Dominguez M, Reig JA, Dominguez-Bendala J, Micol V, Roche E. Transient alteration of gene expression in adipose-derived stem cells using liposomal-driven protein extracts. Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering (2014) 7: 145-154.
  • Escudero B, Lucas D, Albo C, Dhup S, Bacher JW, Sánchez-Múñoz A, Fernández M, Rivera-Torres J, Carmona RM, Fuster E, Carreiro C, Bernad R, González MA, Andrés V, Blanco L, Roche E, Fabregat I, Samper E, Bernad A. Polμ deficiency increases resistance to oxidative damage and delays liver aging. PloS ONE (2014) 9: e93074. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0093074.
  • Carrera-Quintanar L, Funes L, Vicente-Salar N, Blasco-Lafarga C, Pons A, Micol V, Roche E. Effect of polyphenol supplements on redox status of blood cells: a randomized controlled exercise training trial. European Journal of Nutrition (2014). doi: 10.1007/s00394-014-0785-x


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